BiteMe!Twins Halloween Special

A long, long, loooong time ago, somewhere last year, I bought a tileset (Pop!Horror city pack) on steam. I loved it so much, I did spend weeks building a city, not being satisfied with the result, deleting it and do it again. Until I ended up with the city Marterdam.

I knew the theme was going to be a zombie series, so I game up with the title: BiteMe!

Then I needed a story. Easy peasy! Story writing is one my stronger skills, so I wrote Twins for the first game. BiteMe!Twins is a sad story about a brother and a sister. One of them dies, and the other, that would be you*. The story starts a couple months after your* siblings death.

*When I say "you" I mean the main character of BiteMe!Twins But then I hit a problem... Turn based battle didn't really stroke with the game, and I didn't have good battlers.

BiteMe!Twins ended op on a shelve, with all my other abandoned disasters. But much later, I was fooling around with some ABS plugins. And loved it! So I made a intro for yet a new project, with RTP. However, I was really not getting anywhere mapping. Whatever I had in my head, never seem to came out on the map. And the story was kind of far fetched. This didn't float my boat, and I was ready to start all over again.

Then it hit me: This battle system, could revive BiteMe!Twins. I loved the story I wrote, I loved the characters I made and I specially loved the city I created. All it needed was a good battle system.

So I took this ABS plugin (by Pheonix KageDesu) and dropped it in BiteMe!Twins. I had to rewrite the complete game, because the ABS plugin and the MoveRouteCore plugin, do not support each other. So if I wanted the ABS, I had to get rid of MoveRouteCore (by yanfly). And all my scenes depended on this heavily.

So I rewrote...
First you get to choose your character, out of four. You can choose to be male or female, and you can choose to have white or dark skin. Your twin automatically gets the opposite gender, and the same skin color.

Intro scene:
You and your friend David, rent a place in Marterdam, a little university town. David wants to take you to the bar, where the is tapping beer. Al your friends will be there, and you haven't seen them since the funeral. You can try to refuse, but David is persistent: It is time you see your friends again.

On your way to the bar, a girl friend university is watching you from the shadows. When you confront here, David will call her a Voodoo Witch. This offends Maaike, for several reasons. First the term is voodoo pries, and second, she claims to be a necromancer. David calls her crazy and leaves, but you may want to know more. Can she bring your twin back?

After you talk about bringing your twin back, Maaike tells you to go to the bar, where you were headed. But when you get out at midnight, she's waiting for you. All she needs is a bunch of flowers, and she'd bring your twin back for you.

The next morning, there is a zombie in your yard. Yes, it is your twin, but it isn't really. The eyes are empty, and all it does, is try to bite anyone.

Game play: After the intro, the game goes rogue, and open world. You can go anywhere, fight as many zombies as you can handle, as long as you find your sibling back before halloween. You can pick up quests on the way, collect gear, make new allies and new enemies.

If you can find and stop your twin before halloween, you're the hero of the town, but if you die... You'll have to start all over! All quests you've completed, all friends you've made, all items you collected, even your levels and skills... Gone! But you will keep your armor and your weapons. And you will be able to skip the tutorial/intro. If you die, you wake up back at the moment your twin was in the yard, so you can start into action right away.

the whole game is playable on any computer, or smartphone, without downloading.

Preview and release:
I got a preview/demo on This will show the full intro and the tutorial for the battle system.
On the 28th I will release the full game, right before halloween. It will replace the demo and will still be 100% free.
BiteMe!Twins demo
No download required!

I would love to hear what you think of the game. Do you like it so far? Have you hit any bugs or errors? Anything else you want to say to me after playing the demo? Contact me trough facebook: @JohnDoeNewsNL